Inspiring Quotes About the Power of literacy

There have been many reasons to celebrate literacy this month with Literacy and Numeracy Week, Adult Learning Week and now the International Literacy Day. We believe literacy is more than just reading and writing. The Latch-On programspecifically focuses on modern literacies. This means that the program teaches everything from reading and writing to using technology to communicate and live in today’s world.

It goes without saying that literacy is a vital skill. As a result, it often is a skill that we take for granted. We put together 10 inspiring quotes to remind us of the importance and power of literacy, especially if you are teaching adult literacy. As we always say here: you will be transforming your students’ lives.

Reading is the fundamental literacy skills. We should always encourage our students to read, not matter their literacy levels. Starting to read is the key and is progress, not matter how slow. If you would like some tips and tricks, Elena Aguilar wrote a great article on about “ten ways to cultivate a love of reading in students”.

Literacy opens the doors to knowledge and places. Literacy follows us everyday, unconsciously: at home, on TV, in shops, restaurants, work, buses, streets. Literacy is everywhere. Therefore, “the more you read, the more places you’ll go”.

Any sort of literacy activities ultimately leads to one goal: understanding. Whether it is reading or counting, our ultimate goal is to understand the world we live in and participate in our community with less or no barriers.

Remember that your students won’t enjoy reading if they can’t do it (no one loves doing something that’s really hard). As a result, and as Ms Aguilar puts it: “We must give them the skills to read at the same time that we cultivate an attitude.”

When we read we inform and transform ourselves. We are also better equipped to communicate with people. Watch your students evolve as they read more.

This one is undoubtedly one of our favorite quotes because it is so closely related to our own motto saying that “everyone is a learner with ideas worth communicating”. Which leads us to the next quote.

Don’t we all love reading a book, paragraph, sentence or even inspiring quote to someone? There is something about bonding with someone when reading. In fact, when we talk about reading we always have Amy’s story in mind. She embodies the transformative journey of most of our students who come in class. They all have a clear goal in mind before beginning the program. Amy’s one was to being able to read to her little nephew. It is great to see our students discover the magic and the power of bonding over a book and discovering new places without having to move.

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