Funny How is the Beginning

We all have our own thoughts about our ex. Sometimes we say them to other people, and, usually, we don’t, but the following people made it very clear how they feel about their ex or what they are thinking about their ex through the following funny quotes on social media. And, I think anyone with an ex will be able to relate to them!

You never forget the way your ex smelled. Just one whiff of their perfume or cologne can send your head turning to see if they are around, and, usually, the person wearing their smell is instantly seen in the same light your ex is in your eyes.

We all think that a few drinks will help us feel better about our breakup and forget about our ex, but it doesn’t work like that. If you still have feelings for your ex, or think about them in any way, there is a good chance you are going to drunk dial them after one drink too many!

It’s just better to leave your phone at home, so you don’t do something stupid. It doesn’t matter if you hate your ex or want your ex back. You may think you will be able to handle it, but a drunk brain will always choose to make bad decisions, and you will regret it so much the next day!

It doesn’t matter if you block them on your favorite social media profile because they are everywhere online, and once you get the urge to see what they are doing, you will try LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and all those other places you know that they are on.

If you would rather not know what your ex is doing, and they are everywhere online, get offline! Keep busy doing offline things that help you move passed that ‘what is my ex doing?’ feeling and into ‘where is my next date at?’ feeling.

We will never know exactly what our ex said or did after we broke up with them. Yes, we may be able to see the physical damage they did to our car or furniture. Our friends may tell us how badly they are talking about us. And, we may see their new boyfriend or girlfriend through social media. But, what do they do when they are alone and angry and feel like taking revenge on us?

Is the reason we are experiencing crazy things because of them or is it just a coincidence? Did they steal our car, talk bad about us to our boss, or throw that garbage into our yard (yes, this all happened to me after a breakup). We may never know!

When you think about your ex, do you picture how they looked, how they acted, or how you felt about them in the end? For most people, the passionate feelings we have or had are what we focus on.

It’s funny how in the beginning, you can’t get that person out of your mind. Their face, body, and the particulars about them, such as their eyes or hair, stand out like a sore thumb – and you like the way they look. But, after a breakup, there is so much emotion involved, that we get blinded by our feelings towards them and can no longer see those physical things we once cherished in our mind, and often they become really ugly or just disappear physically in our mind.

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